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Did last night’s BBC Africa programme whet your safari appetite? We certainly enjoyed the spectacular footage of some of the Kalahari’s most exciting residents, from battling giraffe and thirsty elephants to cheeky drongos and hungry giant crickets. If you’re itching to plan your next African safari and have the Kalahari in mind, here are just […]

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Take the Rovos Rail to Namibia

A Rovos Rail journey from Pretoria in South Africa to Namibia makes a great addition to a South African or Namibian safari.  This seven day journey takes place in May every year and covers a distance of 3400 kilometres – taking visitors through some of the most dramatic scenery in the southern hemisphere.  The train starts […]

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A luxury Botswana safari

Botswana is one of those destinations that people never tire of.  Many of our well travelled clients go back year after year to enjoy a unique Botswana safari in one or more of the pristine reserves.  A Botswana safari is the best choice for experienced safari goers and nature lovers.  Although the camps are luxurious […]

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Namibia – land of contrasts

Namibia is a southern African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It shares borders with South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola.   Since early times the land was inhabited by Bushmen, Namaqua and Damara and in later years migrating Bantu. In 1884 it became a German protectorate and in 1920 was mandated to South Africa. […]

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The Kalahari Desert covers a large arid to semi-arid area of approximately 350 000m² over much of Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. The word Kalahari means “great thirst” in Tswana. It is not a true desert as most people think because parts receive annual rains making it fairly well vegetated with grasses, thorny shrubs and […]

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