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Three lion cubs were spotted playing with a pangolin at Seba Camp.  One of the camps guides spotted the cubs while out on a game drive.  The pangolin, which looks like a scaly ant eater, is a very talked about animal – but is very rarely seen.  They are nocturnal creatures that can grow to a […]

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News from Seba Camp

There have been game sightings aplenty at Seba Camp.  There is an abundance of buffalo around the camp and a lone bull seems to have taken up residence.  There have also been a good number of lion and leopard sightings over the last month – much to the annoyance of a herd of roan that […]

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The weather is getting warmer at Seba and as the vegetation dries up, everyone is looking forward to some much needed rain that should arrive any day now.  The summer rains will bring new life to the region, transforming the plains into a lush green oasis – teeming with wildlife and birdlife.  Guests are enjoying […]

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The heat is on at Seba Camp and guests have swapped hot water bottles for the swimming pool.  Summer seems to have arrived in the last two weeks and as the water levels continue to drop, the vehicles are able to access previously no go areas – providing guests with some wonderful wildlife sightings.  The […]

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Seba Camp has been a hub of activity lately with two clans of hyena battling it out for territory. Two females were recently spotted attacking another female – the attack was so ferocious that they ripped off her ears and shredded her head and face.  The lone female was badly injured and her attackers soon lost interest leaving her […]

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