Tent Exterior At Night Kohima Camp
Tent Exterior At Night Kohima Camp

Kohima Camp

Wake up to Nagaland’s gorgeous mountain vistas and the sound of a nearby mountain brook. Wake up to Nagaland’s gorgeous mountain vistas and the sound of a nearby mountain brook.
Hornbill Festival Tribal Performance Kohima Camp
Kohima Camp is set in a quiet corner of northeastern India near the site of the annual Hornbill Festival, created to promote awareness of local tribal cultures.
Tent Interior Bedroom Kohima Camp
Kohima Camp is a mobile luxury camp set up specifically each year for the Hornbill Festival. Each day you can enjoy a celebration of dance and music performances, crafts and traditional tribal food; you might even take part in chilli eating contests or in sports such as wrestling and archery.

You will stay in a luxurious tent, complete with a colonial-style four poster bed and crisp, designer linen. If the weather is cold, you will be pleased your tent is heated and to find a hot water bottle has been popped into your bed.
Each tent has a private en-suite bathroom with shower cubicle and custom-made toiletries, slippers and eye masks.

Nothing can beat the experience of sitting outside your tent as the sun goes down, listening to the sounds of the forest and the babbling of a mountain brook, with the services of your very own butler on hand.

At dinner time, as well as more usual fare, you might opt for local rice beer or savour some delicious tribal recipes. Elaborate four course menus are freshly prepared, an impressive achievement in what feels like the middle of nowhere.
Tent Bedroom Kohima Camp
Hornbill Festival Performance Kohima Camp
Dining Kohima Camp
Children In The Hornbill Festival Kohima Camp
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