Vicuna In Southern Patagonia Ss By Kavram
Vicuna In Southern Patagonia Ss By Kavram

Top 10 Chilean Experiences

What To Do In Chile?
From the wilds of the arid Atacama and the mighty peaks of Torres del Paine, to the vibrant culture and ornate architecture of Santiago, there’s a huge variety of incredible landscapes squeezed into this long, narrow country.

Whatever it is you’re seeking on your next trip, perhaps it’s the adrenalin hit of white water rafting on one of the world’s most challenging rivers, or the calm and tranquillity of the world’s finest stargazing in the desert (perhaps both), you can find it here.

We’ve created a list of our favourite activities to give you an idea of what you can expect from a trip to Chile.
  • Heli-Skiing from Rio Palena Lodge
  • Puma Tracking in Torres del Paine
  • Wine Tasting in the Maipo Valley
  • Hiking in Torres del Paine
  • Star Gazing in the Atacama
  • White Water Rafting on The Río Futaleufú, Northern Patagonia
  • Visit Easter Island
  • Birding in the Lauca National Park
  • Biking Tour of Santiago
  • Horse Riding in the Atacama
Skiing Rio Palena Patagona Chile
1. Heli-Skiing from Rio Palena Lodge
Enjoy a hearty breakfast at the lodge, hop into the helicopter and, after a short flight, land in the Patagonian peaks, an alpine skiing paradise.

Dazzling blue skies, untouched blankets of snow and moody grey peaks in every direction, it feels as if you’re the only people to have ever set foot here.

The Patagonian backcountry is wild and adventurous, and experienced skiers can certainly make the most of this terrain, adrenalin pumping as you tackle steep couloirs, low-angle glacier runs and open bowls.

We work with expert guides who can tailor the experience so that all skiers can enjoy this seemingly endless snowy landscape.
2 Puma Chile
2. Puma Tracking in Torres del Paine
Sat atop a boulder, ears upright and their wide eyes surveying the mountains, forests and lakes of Torres del Paine, the puma is Patagonia’s most fierce predator.

Solitary and secretive, it’s a big cat that you’re only likely to see with the guidance of someone who knows these animals and the habitat they roam intimately.

Spend the day walking through this beautiful park alongside an expert guide who will help you track these elusive creatures.

Your efforts are rewarded when you spot the distinct pink nose and white mouth of the puma, prowling through the rocky terrain, kept warm by a coat of thick, caramel coloured fur.
3 Wine Chile
3. Wine Tasting in the Maipo Valley
A relaxing day exploring Chilean wine country - what could be better? Surrounded by dominating, snow-capped mountains, the green winelands of the Maipo Valley are a joy to visit.

This area is famed for its red wines, in particular its Cabernet Sauvignon, with this variety of grape flourishing here thanks to the generally warm climate.

Visit family-owned wineries, taking tours of the vineyards and the wine cellars, with an informative guide who will help you learn more about the area and its wines.

For those looking for something even more in-depth, try your hand at making your own wine. Of course, you’ll stop along the way for tastings and a delicious gourmet lunch.
Woman Hiking Patagonia
4. Hiking in Torres del Paine
Towering granite peaks and calm, azure blue lakes, the Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Patagonia is the epitome of wilderness. When you first step foot here, you feel as though you’ve found yourself in another land entirely.

You’ll have seen countless images online, but witnessing the sheer scale of the peaks firsthand is overwhelming and nothing can prepare you for the moment when you see them with your own eyes.

Moderately fit hikers can spend just a day here, or, if you want to see lesser known areas of the park that are accessible only to certified guides, you can spend a few days hiking through the forest and stopping to stay in the refugios along the way.
5 Stargazing Atacama
5. Star Gazing in the Atacama
There’s something about the night sky that mesmerises us humans, and has done for thousands of years.

When you look upward at the deep, dark, inky sky, unfathomable in size and alive with the glow of thousands of stars, your connection with the natural world is sparked immediately. It’s a powerful and magical sight.

Free from light pollution, clear and dry, the Atacama Desert offers the very best conditions for stargazing.

After the sun has gone down, join an expert astronomist who will unravel the mysteries of the exquisitely beautiful, awe-inspiring Chilean skies.
6 White Water Rafting Chile
6. White Water Rafting on The Río Futaleufú, Northern Patagonia
If you consider yourself a thrill-seeker then this is for you! The Rio Futaleufu, meaning big water in the local Mapuche language, is considered one of the most challenging, exciting and exhilarating rivers.

The strength of this mighty river is clear to see in its fast moving waters that rush through the Chilean Andes mountains.

Hop into your raft and take on the rapids, the power of the water bouncing you repeatedly in the air and landing you down in the swirling, foamy river.
7 Horses Sunset Maoi Statues Easter Island
7. Visit Easter Island
Easter Island, just 63 square miles, is a small and mysterious island that sits isolated in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean.

Dotted on the side of an extinct volcano are over 1043 maoi, huge statues made from volcanic rock that feature large, prominent facial features. Standing at an average of 13 feet tall, some with bodies some without, the statues are an overwhelming and fascinating sight to behold.

Various theories exist as to why they were built, but nothing is certain - it’s something for you to ponder as you stand beneath these gigantic sculptures.

You can visit the Rano Raraku quarry which provided the stone for the iconic maoi sculptures. Some 1043 statues have been left here, complete to varying degrees, depicting history right before your eyes. This island is a must-see if you’re visiting Chile.
8 Condor Istock 1023179440
8 Birding in the Lauca National Park
With over 140 different bird species that either nest or migrate here, Lauca National Park is the best destination in Chile if you’re a keen bird watcher.

The park sits in the very north of the country amongst the Andean mountains and is characterised by vast, sweeping lakes and snow-topped, conical volcanoes. If you’re an avid bird enthusiast, coveted sightings include the Andean goose, Chilean flamingo and the Andean condor.
9 Santiagobiking
9 Biking Tour of Santiago
Hop on a bicycle and explore the Chilean capital of Santiago.

On this private tour you’ll be joined by a local, English-speaking guide who will detail both the city’s history and its modern day culture as you glide freely from one street to another.

There’s a lot to see in this city, from the ornate architecture of the Metropolitan Cathedral to the busy La Vega Central Market, where you can enjoy a slice of local life.
10 Horse Riding Atacama
10. Horse Riding in the Atacama
Riding through the Atacama on horseback is one of Chile’s most exhilarating adventures. This is the Earth’s driest desert, an arid land of sand and salt flats that feels entirely other-worldly.

On horseback you can explore with a sense of freedom and genuine connection to nature and the planet that’s simply not possible in a vehicle.

Take to the saddle and roam the dirt paths, canyons and dunes of the Atacama. Accompanied only by the rhythm of your horse’s hooves and without another soul in sight, you’ll feel as though you have this entire desert to yourselves.
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Vicuna In Southern Patagonia Ss By Kavram
Vicuna In Southern Patagonia Ss By Kavram
Top 10 Chilean Experiences
We’ve created a list of our favourite activities to give you an idea of what you can expect from a trip to Chile.
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