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Top 10 Costa Rica Activities

What To Do In Costa Rica?
You really can have it all in Costa Rica. This little gem is perfect for the gentle adventurer, whilst still offering enough exhilaration for the most hardcore of travel partners. We have compiled an alluring list of our favourite Costa Rica activities to inspire your next trip.

We highlight the top ten must-do activities for your family to enjoy in Costa Rica.
  • Zip lining in Arenal & Monteverde
  • Horse riding in the Osa Peninsula
  • White water rafting at Pacuare Lodge
  • Hanging bridges in Arenal
  • Cerro Chato Hiking Excursion
  • Arenal Volcano National Park Tour
  • Lake Arenal Kayaking Excursion
  • Eco Termales hot springs
  • Quetzal Walking Tour
  • Monteverde Night Tour
Woman Zip Lining Costa Rica Istock 155437291
1. Zip Lining in Arenal & Monteverde
Fly like a bird at the home of ziplining. In an effort to promote national conservation projects, this high-adrenaline experience originated in Costa Rica more than 30 years ago. There is an experience for every level of adventurer. Challenge yourself within the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Let the longest zip line in Costa Rica take your breath away as you soar through the treetops at exhilarating speeds. Or, head to the volcanoes of Arenal where we will take you on a more relaxed but still thrilling airborne adventure.
Horse Riding Costa Rica Istock 1402494787
2. Horse Riding in the Osa Peninsula
There isn't a more authentic way to discover one of Costa Rica's most remote locations. It is truly magical to experience nature as indigenous communities would. Trek on horseback through the forest, past secluded waterfalls. Ride along open beaches with the Pacific Ocean as your backdrop.

Stopping along the way to learn about the regional flora and fauna. Your trusted guide shares stories about the local culture and customs as you sip a refreshing coconut drink.
White Water Rafting At Pacuare Lodge Costa Rica
3. White Water Rafting at Pacuare Lodge
Pacuare Lodge is not directly accessible by car. The best way to reach it is by helicopter or river raft. We highly recommend you choose white water rafting! It’s where sheer thrill meets outstanding beauty. An adventure fit for all abilities. Enjoy the fauna of the towering jungle in between each set of exhilarating rapids.

Exotic butterflies, toucan and woodpecker fly above as you cascade along one of the most beautiful rivers in the world.
Istock 1367076619 Hanging Bridges In Arenal Costa Rica
4. Hanging Bridges in Arenal
Join us at the Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park for a most unique view. Unspoiled rainforest awaits you from otherwise unobtainable heights. Take in the sights and sounds as you immerse yourself amongst spider monkeys, sloths and lizards. There are 16 bridges on the main trail.

Different heights ensure you can enjoy the whole forest, top to bottom. Just don’t forget to look down, you might spot a puma or tapir.
Arenal Volcano Ss By Bos11
5. Cerro Chato Hiking Excursion
Extinct Cerro Chato Volcano is the perfect way to get up close and personal with the magnificent volcanoes of Arenal. Take an intensive hike through its abundant forest to the turquoise waters of Mount Chato Lake. After a refreshing dip, climb a little further to be rewarded with sublime views of the San Carlos Valley.

For those that prefer a slower pace, we have less strenuous options to suit.
Sleeping Sloth Portrait Costa Rica Istock 635922290 By Miraswonderland
6. Arenal Volcano National Park Tour
Get to know the ‘Mountain of Fire’ from the ground up with our expertly guided tour. You start from one of the closest routes to the Arenal Volcano. Here you get a close-up view of the site destroyed by the 1968 eruption and walk across the historic lava rocks.

During the hike, your guide teaches you about the eerie past of this active volcano. Around the national park you spot white-faced monkeys and snakes amongst fungi, ferns and palms.
Istock 172432359
7. Lake Arenal Kayaking Excursion
A unique and beautiful way to experience the thriving nature of Arenal National Park is by kayak. A slower alternative to white water rafting, gliding on a kayak allows you to soak up extraordinary views that are otherwise unreachable.

Your naturalist guide will show you all you need to get you on the water. Here you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano as you paddle, spotting herons and kingfishers on the lake, and howler monkeys in the forest trees nearby.
Ecotermales Thermal Pools Costa Rica
8. Eco Termales Hot Springs
For those that are yearning for some well earned relaxation, you can reflect on your magical trip and recuperate for your next adventure. Centre yourself within the volcano heated hot springs of Eco Termales. Experience pure luxury amongst the rainforest, in naturally made yet meticulously maintained thermal pools.

Take your time enjoying the varying temperatures. Sit under the refreshing waterfall and sip cocktails at the poolside bar. All before savouring the chef's carefully crafted regional dish at the home-style restaurant.
Resplendant Quetzel Costa Rica Istock 1253027644
9. Quetzal Walking Tour
Once a symbol of wealth for Aztec and Mayan cultures and a birder's dream, the endangered Resplendent Quetzal is a stunning sight to behold. As one of the greatest biodiversity hotspots in the world, Costa Rica works hard to provide a safe haven for the ‘freedom’ birds of Latin America.

After coffee with your expert guide you're off to seek Quetzal in its peaceful natural habitat and marvel at their exquisite long turquoise feathers.
Hanging Bridge In Monteverde Cloud Forest Ss By Simon Dannhauer
10. Monteverde Night Tour
A night tour is such a thrilling way to spot nocturnal wildlife in the midst of the cloud forest of Monteverde. When the sun sets the forest comes alive; no two nights are the same.

Let the sharp eyes of your guide show you Costa Rican wildlife like you’ve never seen it before. Sleepy birds curl up in their wings, whilst bats dart around for food. Rain frogs and snakes pass silently by as your guide explains how the grey fox climbs trees!
Costa Rica Awaits
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